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Industrial Devices (India) Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Chlorination System Manufacturers in New Delhi, the capital of India.  The company has well equipped industrial infrastructure with manufacturing facility, Design Office, Servicing Department and administrative Office at prominent Industrial Area, Okhla, New Delhi. It has supplied Chlorinators and Chlorination Systems to various clients like Thermal Power Stations, Municipal Corporations, Public Health Departments, Chemical Paper Pulp Industries etc and also supplied various countries across the globe. The company can able to design, Manufacture and commission Chlorination Plants ranging from 250 gms/hr to 1000 Kgs/hr. Being a client oriented company, offer after sales services to ensure hassle free working of our systems.

Leveraging on our expertise and experience, the company offers Chlorinator, Chlorine Leak Absorption System, Vacuum Operated Chlorinator, Chlorine Vaporizer/Evaporator, Absorption Tower Chlorinator, Electrolytic Chlorinators,  Roller Supports, Manifold, Safety System, Accessories, Steam or Electrically heated Chlorine Evaporator/Vaporizer, Emergency Leak Absorption system/Chlorine Scrubber, Lifting Beam, Valves and Chrlorine Dioxide Generator. The company also manufacture other safety items such as Chlorine Leak Detector, Emergency Repair Kit etc. The company also provides Accessories includes Electrical Auto changeover Module for both Vacuum & Pressure Systems, Vacuum Auto changeover Module, Manifold Valve, Auxiliary Container Valve, Trunnion Roller Support, Flexible Copper Connector, Automatic Flow Proportionate Valve, Cylinder Manifold or Tonner Manifold, Booster Pump with Motor as per System Requirement, Chlorine Gas Filter, Weighing System, Chlorine Pressure Reducing Valve, Chlorine Pressure Switch/Chlorine Vacuum Switch,  Chlorine Pressure Gauge/Chlorine Vacuum Gauge, Lifting Beam.

Products & Services:

  • Chlorinator
  • Electrolytic Chlorinators
  • Chlorine Vaporizer/Evaporator
  • Emergency Leak Absorption system/Chlorine Scrubber
  • Accessories
  • Chrlorine Dioxide Generator
  • Safety System

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