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Castrol Activ

Castrol Activ – Motorcycle & Scooter Engine Oil gives better engine protection

The company has announced the arrival of new Castrol Activ, motorcycle engine oil with actibond molecules to give better protection to your motorcycle engine and to help ensure smooth running and reduce piston wear. It is claimed to be the company’s best formulation for continuous protection. Castrol Activ is to give a 50% better protection to your motorcycle engine.

File Income Tax Return Online Yourself Before July 31 and Avoid Penalty – Income Tax Filing Guide

Filing Income Tax return is not complex. You can e-file your returns within just 7 minutes! Now you can file the online return yourself by visiting e-filing website, the official website of the Income Tax Department of India.

How to Choose Right Life Insurance Plan in India

How to Choose Right Life Insurance Plan in India?

If you are single with no dependent, you don’t need a life insurance policy. However, if you have dependent like parents, spouse or children, who depend on your income, you need to buy a life insurance policy. There are different variants of each of life insurance products. Life insurance plans fulfil four needs — protection, savings, investment, and the tax benefit.

AMC Seva Mobile App

AMC Seva at your Fingertips – Download AMC Seva (Ahmedabad 311) App

AMC has launched AMC Seva mobile app that comes under SmartCity-311 to simplifying the reporting of citizen’s Non- Emergency Service at your fingertips by Civic Solutions Private Limited.

Entrepreneurs Can List Their Venture

Entrepreneurs Can List Their Venture on BSE’s Startup Platform from July 9, 2018

Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is inviting young entrepreneurs to come on to its new platform, the BSE Startup Platform to provide further incentive to entrepreneurs and companies which are ‘startups’ in industries like hi-tech defence, drones, biotechnology, IT, ITeS, 3D printing, space technology, nanotechnologies, e-gaming, exoskeleton, life sciences, artificial intelligence, and big data.

SMS Marketing: Makes Your Business More Profitable

If you are running a business, SMS Marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote and advertise your product or services. Small businesses can also use SMS marketing to tell customers about new services, products, and other important business information

Instant E-PAN based on Aadhaar

Get Instant E-PAN based on Aadhaar at Free of Cost

The Income Tax department of India has launched an instant Aadhaar-based online Permanent Account Number – PAN allotment facility, especially for resident individuals. The Instant E-PAN based on Aadhaar facility has been introduced by the Income Tax department for resident individuals seeking to obtain the unique identity for the first time. Those who have not PAN card can apply and get e-PAN instantly at free of cost.