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Bestex Engineering Works in Coimbatore | Manufacturer & Exporter of Textile Machinery, Spares and Accessories

Bestex Engineering Works in Coimbatore | Manufacturer & Exporter of Textile Machinery, Spares and Accessories

Business Information

Bestex Engineering Works | Manufacturer & Exporter of Textile Machinery, Spares and Accessories

Bestex Engineering Works in Coimbatore is fast growing Manufacturer & Exporter of Textile Machinery, Spares and Accessories in  Coimbatore at Tamil Nadu State as per international quality and standards. The company has sound experience in Manufacturing Textile Components like Cone Winding, Blow Room Spares, Speed Frame, Carding Spares, Overhead Traveling Cleaner, Sliver Lap, Ribbon Lap, Draw Frame Spares, Cheese Winder, Open End Machines, Comber Spares, Ring Doubling, Autoconer Spares, Positive Clearer Systems, Unilap, TFO Spares, General Spares, Ring Spinning.  Automobile Components such as Starter motor body,, Power steering, Pinions, Gears, Sprockets, Brake drums, Plunger, Housing Cover, Aluminum die casting parts for air horns and General Engineering Components like  Steel Casting, Casting Components, Precision Aluminum Components, Precision Brass Parts, Gear & Gear Products, Precision Engineering/ CNC Machining Services since 1993.

Unique combination of professionals, technology and sophisticated machines are main strengths of the company. Over the years, Bestex has built a strong reputation for quality, reliability and commitment. Provide quality Engineering products at a fair price with exceptional customer service is the main goal of the company.

Products & Services: The company is providing following Products & Services.

  • Textile Components : Cone Winding, Blow Room Spares, Speed Frame, Carding Spares, Overhead Travelling Cleaner, Sliver Lap, Ribbon Lap, Draw Frame Spares, Cheese Winder, Open End Machines, Comber Spares, Ring Doubling, Autoconer Spares, Positive Clearer Systems, Unilap, TFO Spares, General Spares, Ring Spinning.
  • Automobile Components: Starter motor body, Power steering, Pinions, Gears, Sprockets, Brake drums, Plunger, Housing Cover, Aluminum die casting parts for air horns.
  • General Engineering Components: Steel Casting, Casting Components, Precision Aluminum Components, Precision Brass Parts, Gear & Gear Products, Precision Engineering/ CNC Machining Services.

Here you can find business information of company such as business address, contact Nos., contact persons, products & services and nature of business etc.. At Ahmedabad Business Pages company listed in Tools & Equipment Business category.

Contact Information

Name of Business : Bestex Engineering Works
Business Address : 54, P.N.Palayam Road, K.R.Puram, Ganapathy (P.O)
Landmark : Near K.R.Puram
City & Pin Code
: Coimbatore – 641 006
State & Country : Tamil Nadu, India
Phone No : +91-422-2562838
Fax No : +91-422-2566671
Mobile No +91-9363124656, 9363197877, 9363116166
Business Category : Tools & Equipment
Type of Business : 
 Manufacturer & Exporter of Textile Machinery, Spares and Accessories

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