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Read articles about Startup on Ahmedabad Business Pages for your business development.

Why Angel Investors Will Fund Your Company?

There are many ways to finding a proper finance for your business. Some ways can be taking help of family and friends, maybe consider crowdfunding and in the end Angel Investors. Angel Investors, so who exactly are these Angel Investors? These are the people, wealthy individuals or well-known businessmen who aim at earning profits out of their investments by either having some share in the company’s profits.

Startup Costs: How Much Cash Do You Really Need?

The major question that arises in mind of each one of us is how much money is needed to start your own business. There are many parameters which decide the amount of money you need to invest like what business you need to start, how much earning you want , how much profits you are expecting from your business, where is the place in which you are thinking to set up and of course how much time and effort you will give to your work.

Starting a Business? 12 Things Need to Do

Starting a business is not an easy task. You need lots of hard work and dedication to start your business planning and achieving the desired goals. Below mentioned are the 12 important key points that serve as a base you start a business and achieving success.

How to get a Small Business Loan?

If you are thinking to expand your business and for that u need some funds to invest then make sure that you have well-planned and ordered loan documentation. You can make your documentation file from your perspective, that if you are the loan officer and someone wants to take loan from you, the documentation or the files should clearly tell what is the purpose of taking loan and would that person be able to repay it or not.

After you’ve been funded! What Next?

Whosoever invested into your business be it crowd funders or customers with great potential on sites like kick starter, now it’s your turn to keep all your investors in a loop about your company the more it grows. A business that ignores people who helped it in getting there will not get you much far.

  • Team ABP
  • June 24, 2016 2:59 am
  • Startup

How to Start a Small Business without any Business Skills?

There are many successful entrepreneurs who started their business without any business skills. It is assumed by most of us that having a business background or business skills is important for starting a company but it is not true.

You can Start Your Own Business without Money

Starting a business needs a lot of resources and loads of inputs financially, as well as strategically. Everyone is excited to start a new business. Thinking about the possibilities of how the business will flourish, how everything would work everyone is thrilled.

How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Business?

Moving into starting a new business is a fresh phase of one’s life. Business comes up with sacrifices and big risks which might someday yield one big money. When setting up a business, there are few things which people usually tend to find unimportant but these do have an impact on the popularity, scope and turnover of the business. One such thing is Naming a new business