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Sales & Marketing

Read articles on Sales & Marketing at Ahmedabad Business Pages for your business development

Why a Professional Website is Important for your Business Development

Why a Professional Website is Important for your Business Development

If your business is not online yet, you are leaving money on the table. Like many business owners, you may believe your business cannot benefit from having a professional website or yellow pages are enough for my business and we don’t need a Professional website because it’s not that type of business or not within budget. These are misconceptions.

5 Great Marketing Ideas for Handmade Businesses

If we are good in making handmade products, then our friends would definitely ask to start a business online. “If the craft entrepreneurs are new in the field of online business, so all they need to do is to make their creative items, people will definitely notice the creativity and would approach them to buy the products they have made

Building a Sense of Teamwork among Staff Members

In any organisation, obviously everyone is working to aid the company’s production and profit, but it is very important for the members of the firm or institution to have proper mutual trust and understanding with other members maybe someone working under them, their equals or their bosses.

Use These 6 Steps to Develop an Effective Marketing Strategy

A basic key for a successful business is a well-schemed marketing strategy. While big companies write their strategies in large quantity of pages, the small companies could fit them into few pages. Despite of filling number of pages in making strategies for the business, it is equally important to follow the right direction and should have a purpose first. One must recall these plans and strategies every month or after specific time span to ensure that you are on right track.

7 Tips to Boost your Online Sales

In order to increase your online sales and marketing there are a lot of strategies which would help you to do so. And the most important one is the internet advertisement of your website. Online strategies teach you how to plan things according to customers and how to implement them to show your presence in online business.

What is Customer Value? How to Deliver Value to a Customer

Competition is very high in hard economic times. You may wish to create a superior and good product but then you wake up and look that other company is getting all the benefits and desirable business which makes you puzzled. Why would people choose to purchase a product which is lesser quality one?